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Discover How To:

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Scale To OVER $100k Earnings Every Single Year - Within 12 Months

Hire a Reliable Team, Create a Fool-Proof Financial Plan, Invest in Customer Service

+ So much more!


Do Any of These Describe You?

  • You Have Handyman Experience, But Haven’t Started Your Own Company Yet

  • You Already Work as A Residential Contractor or Handyman, But Don’t Know How to Build Your Own Business

  • You Have a Passion For Fixing Things, and You’re Tired of The 9-5, working day-to-day in a work truck with someone else’s name on it…

If You See Yourself in Any of These Examples…

This Masterclass is for YOU.

The 5 Major Issues with MOST Handyman Businesses in the Market Today: 


1. The “Word-of-Mouth” Myth

We hear about this far too often… “I don’t worry too much about marketing, I just rely on word of mouth to get my new clients!”

Unless you’re looking to make just $50/hr for the next 10 years, word of mouth is just not enough. 

The truth is, there are real, profitable marketing strategies that are FAR superior to the mediocre results this myth will bring your business.

Strategies that will skyrocket your success FAR past your peers, in a fraction of the time it’ll take someone working solely off of word of mouth.


2. Marketing Mindset Mistakes

For some reason, it’s STILL the industry standard to assume that “good marketing” just means buying some mediocre business cards and maybe slapping a sticker on the side of your work truck.

So many contractors, tradesmen/women, and handymen believe that marketing is something you don’t really have to stress over, because “the work speaks for itself!”

(Those same people have been charging just $50/hr for the past 10 years…) 


3. Under-Valuing Services

Even the most experienced handymen are often still using pricing structures they got from their peers or from a quick Google.

Not only does this hurt your profits significantly, but it can also damage your reputation, even becoming known as someone who does ‘cheap work’.

We have a secret to share with you… there are much better ways to lay out your pricing structure, and most business owners don’t even know about them.


4. Saying, Not Selling

What’s the difference between just saying your business’s prices and scope of work, versus selling it?

Selling your business as a service, as a commodity, as something your clients NEED… now that’s how you get good business. Just blurting out a flat fee to a client’s face before you’ve even introduced yourself?

That’s just not how to impress a new customer. BUT - learn how to properly sell your business (without sounding like a sleaze or coming across as too pushy) and you’ll be raking in the profits


But the worst issue of them all…

5. Lack of Confidence

When you’re just starting your handyman business, it’s common to compare yourself to more seasoned pros, and think you’re never gonna make it.

The truth? Most of your competition is doing all of these other 4 things we discussed above. It’s pretty likely that they’re running an outdated, run-of-the-mill business model, hardly marketing themselves to their clientele, and barely scraping by with low hourly wages.

Employ a few simple strategies in your new business that I’ll be sharing with you in this Masterclass, and watch the others weep as you blaze past them in no time with more customers, more work, and more money.

The 5 Major Issues with MOST Handyman Businesses in the Market Today: 


I see issues like these EVERY DAY. 

That’s why I created:

The $100,000/Year Handyman Masterclass

I want to help you avoid the common rookie mistakes and FINALLY build that successful handyman business you’ve been dreaming of!

Meet Your Instructor: Ryan Tuttle - A.K.A,


 The High School Dropout Who Grew His Handyman Business From $0 To $1.2m A Year

After seeing the successes of his own two Handyman Businesses, he decided to do MORE:

“A few years ago, we did one-day training events for people looking to start a handyman business… 

Doing those events made me realize how much I love teaching people how to start a successful handyman business.” 

Ryaan loved giving one-day training, but eventually stopped because it took WAY too much time. 

Instead, he built:

The $100,000/Year Handyman Masterclass






  • These are lessons only learned by the people who have the time and money to spend years learning from failure after failure.
    Fast-track your own success by avoiding these rookie mistakes!

  • You won’t find the knowledge in this course anywhere else - this is stuff you only learn from years of experience.

  • The training in this course will give you a complete roadmap to starting your own business, and allow you to grant yourself the financial freedom you’ve always wanted.


In-depth comprehensive masterclass
Step-by-step from start to finish
Over 59 on-demand video lessons
Downloadable forms, cheat sheets (PDF)
FREE Consultation Call with Ryaan after completion

"Absolutely great!! Couldn't believe the depth of the content and resources available. It's basically a complete guide to making it happen."

- Steve Enfield

"Rock solid! Appreciate everything you have been bringing to the table! My handyman business is now well past the 6 figure mark."

- Robert West

"I enjoyed this masterclass because I learned so much. I'm used to learning on the job and really appreciated Ryan's style."

- Claude Foster

A Note from Ryaan:

I’m sending you access to the essential business knowledge I used to build my $1.2 Million/Year handyman business. 

Kick that exhausting 9-to-5 Job to the curb and build the Handyman Business you’ve been dreaming of! I’ll be right there with you.



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In Your $100,000-A-Year Handyman Masterclass






Ready to start your handyman business, but feel intimidated by all the work looming ahead of you? You’re confident in your own skills as a handyman, but how will you get the clients and even hire other employees?

Maybe you’re concerned about the need for licensure and permits. Or maybe you’re just afraid to invest your precious time and money into a business idea that could ultimately fail…

Ryaan had the exact same worries - So he has included everything he’s learned here in this masterclass to give you the insider’s knowledge on what to do (and what NOT to do!)

With 5+ years of experience owning 2 successful handyman businesses that he built by hand, Ryaan has the insight and knowledge to fast-track your business’s success, allowing you to bypass many of the beginner mistakes so many others are doomed to make.

read more >
  • Welcome To The masterclass!
  • Who I Am & What You’ll Learn In This masterclass
  • What Is A Handyman Business?
  • "X" Types of Handyman Services You Can Offer


The Business

In this module, we’re breaking down the essential building blocks for the foundation of your future 6-figure handyman business. These lessons are the starting point for creating a business model that will be successful AND scalable.

In this module, Ryaan gives all the advice he wishes someone had given him when he first got started. We see so many beginner handyman businesses focus on getting new customers and hiring more employees that they can’t scale… but what does this mean?

Growth = getting new customers + hiring new employees

Scaling = making more money without having to spend more money

This module gives you the roadmap you need to build confidence and take the first steps toward building your own successful handyman business! Ryaan is sharing vital tips and tricks to help you accurately price your services, navigate licenses and permits, invest in customer service, marketing, and more.

read more >
  • 8 Steps to Build Your Handyman Business Plan
  • Get Your Financial Plan Together
  • Handyman Licenses & Permits
  • How to Get Your Accounting in Order
  • Create Your Pricing Strategy
  • Invest in Your Customer Service!
  • How to Hire & Retain the Right People (Upwork)
  • Build Your Handyman Marketing Plan


The Marketing

“How will I get customers for my new handyman business?”

We hear this ALL the time… We understand that getting your first few customers can be an absolute nightmare for many… especially when you’ve never owned a business before or never taken on small handyman projects. So many new handyman business owners get this part wrong because there are several ways you can market your business. As Ryaan explains, it’s best to just focus on dominating 1 or 2 marketing channels.

Starting your business with marketing that works right away is like entering a cheat code in a video game. Many new businesses struggle with marketing because they have no idea what they are doing. In this module Ryaan will share his recommendations and what he does in his own handyman businesses.

read more >
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • How To Get 5 Star Reviews
  • Google Ads & FB Ads


The Automotion

Now that you have the perfect foundation for starting and marketing your handyman business, it’s time to step it up a notch.

This is something most businesses in general struggle with because automation technology is fairly new, and a lot of people hate learning new things. But automation can save you time, make scheduling easier, and make your customers happier. It can also help you and your teams do jobs better, which means happier customers who will come back to you for more and refer others to your company.

Once you have this knowledge you're going to give you a competitive advantage because your handyman business will have a higher operational efficiency than other businesses. Although this stuff seems complicated, you can easily hire someone to help you with it. And the best part is you only have to set it up once, after that it takes care of itself forever.

read more >
  • Automation Overview
  • The Benefits of Automating Your Business & How It Has Changed My Life
  • Website Software
  • Zapier


The Marketing

What’s the number one thing we hear from beginner business owners?

“How do I attract new customers for my handyman business?!”

We get it - this can seem daunting when you’re just starting out and have to look for your first few customers. If you’ve never owned a business before, this very well could be your first experience with something like this! And the painful truth is that so many new business owners get this step wrong.

Many new businesses struggle with marketing because they don’t know how to do it right. As Ryaan explains in this module, it’s easier to focus on 1 to 2 marketing channels, rather than trying to prioritize all of them equally.

Ryaan walks you through the fool-proof method he’s used for successfully marketing the businesses that got him to making $1.2m per year, sharing some useful recommendations along the way.

read more >
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • How To Get 5 Star Reviews
  • Google Ads & FB Ads


The Automation

Now that you’ve successfully planned out the foundational building blocks to starting your new handyman business, and created a healthy marketing plan … it’s time to kick things up a notch.

In this module, we’re discussing how to start automating your business. You might not see the value in this critical step at the start of your business’s initial successes. But, as your business grows, you’ll quickly realize that you’re spending more time ON your business than you are IN it.

The fix? Automation!

Automation will save you time and will help make your team(s) function better, make scheduling easier, and make customers happier.

With a bit of technology and patience, you will drastically improve your business’s operational efficiency and give your company a huge competitive advantage against other businesses.

read more >
  • Automation Overview
  • The Benefits of Automating Your Business & How It Has Changed My Life
  • Website Software
  • Zapier


The Software

It’s true what they say - technology is the future. And the same is true for handyman businesses like you’re building! Using the right software in your business is essential to creating a more enjoyable, stress-free work environment.

In this module, Ryaan shows you how a software called Jobber can do all of these things for your business + so much more.

Note: This is the last module in the Masterclass. After this, you’re ready to schedule your FREE Consultation Call with Ryaan!

read more >
  • Jobber Overview How to Get Yourself and Your Team Setup & Use Jobber
  • Congratulations, You’ve Completed The Program

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The 6-Figure Handyman Business E-Book

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Including: Pricing your services, Scheduling, Software, Marketing, Licenses and Permits, + much more!



How To Create A Stylish Collar

Take The Basic Flat Collar (Known Commonly As The ‘Peter Pan Collar’) one step forward and create a Stylish Collar pattern



"Words can't express how valuable Ryaan's Masterclass is to a new handyman business owner!

During my free 1-hour bonus consultation with him he was very personable and focused on helping me. His knowledge, expertise and experience in the handyman business field is like no other."

John Willard

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